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Building toward the future: Senders’ business continues to grow in Mountain Ranch

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Hundegger machinery touted as best available technology...

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Hundegger USA, located in Charleston, UT, is a partner company of Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH located in Hawangen, Germany. Hundegger USA only sells and services Hundegger machines.
 We bought our Hundegger SC-1 saw with the intention of using it to cut our custom truss packages. The Hundegger does exactly what we bought it for and then some. Before the Hundegger, it took all of 40 hours to cut one of our tough custom jobs. Now, with two men and the Hundegger, the same package takes only 6 hours (a total of 12 man hours). Foxworth Galbraith-Yuma, is now able to build and ship 3-4 of these jobs a week when before we were only able to complete one."
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