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The Hidden Carbon Benefits of Cross Laminated Timber

By Mik McKee A new, engineered forest product called Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) has been a hot topic in the Oregon news lately. For those of you who missed it, CLT is a solid wood panel that is made by layering dimensional lumber boards in alternating directions, and bonding them together with structural adhesive. The […]

Part 2—Engineered Wood: The World’s Most Advanced Building Material

By Rick Reynolds and Paul van Winkle (Hundegger Customers) While it’s difficult to improve on Mother Nature, progressive architects, engineers, builders, and manufacturers are introducing more and more advanced manufactured wood products into the built environment. From cross laminated timbers (CLTs), to glulam lumber and heavy timbers, to wood-concrete composite systems (WCCs), manufactured wood products […]

Why Wood is So Good: Part 1

Part One—Wood is Nature’s Gift By Rick Reynolds (Our friend at Bensonwood) If wood didn’t “grow on trees,” so to speak, we would have had to invent it. The material is truly a stroke of genius, compliments of Mother Nature. As an all-natural product, wood is multi-layered, which gives it great tensile strength: its cellulose […]

Hundegger will be Turbo Driven at W16 As testimony to the growing demand here in the UK for timber structure manufacturers to improve their processes, and profitability Hundegger the German machinery manufacturer has so far this year confirmed and installed a significant number of their new “Turbo Drive” component cutting saws here in the UK […]