Joinery Machine


The K2i is the undisputed leader in CNC Joinery equipment. And there’s not even a close second. Today’s K2i is the culmination of 30 years as the world’s first and market leading joinery saw.  Continued innovation has allowed Hundegger to provide customers with the most versatile and accurate joinery machine available.  The modular design of the Hundegger K2i provides a solution for every timber operation from small-scale to large-scale enterprises. The 1250 model K2i is making progress into the CLT industry.

Agregates include:
4 Axis Universal mill

  • 5 Axis Universal mill
  • Robot Arm (NEW)
  • Slot Cutters
  • Drills
  • Vertical mills
  • Horizontal mills
  • Revolver mill from above
  • [We will probably need to do an Aggregates or units list for each machine]

With the Hundegger K2i, you can instantly access machine service history logs, receive error notifications, view performance reports and perform many other time- and money-saving tasks. And with wireless and server connected networking, our Hundegger certified technicians can log in remotely, saving even more time and money.

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K2I machine 1

K2I machine 2

K2I machine 3

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